Vic Mensa Thinks He's the Perfect Candidate to Play Prince in a Biopic

Prince's storied legacy resonates with not only older generations, but younger ones as well. One avid next-generation supporter of the revered artist's catalog is Vic Mensa, who in a recent interview with Montreality, voiced his desire to one day play Prince in a biopic. 

"I think I should play Prince in the biopic," Mensa begins. "Prince is one of my biggest idols of all time, and he's the real King of Pop. Some people will be mad that I said that. The reason why I'd be able to kill the role as Prince is because I got that mouthpiece, Prince was butter smooth with it and I feel like I could do it."

Last year, TMZ approached Miguel on his thoughts as to whether he'd ever consider playing Prince in a biopic. The "Skywalker" crooner declined, explaining, "Prince played Prince in a biopic... It doesn't get any better than that." Even after being pressed again regarding the hot topic, Miguel was adamant in his decision. "I would probably tell them that they're insane and they should just probably let his movie and his legacy live on the way it is." 

The rapper also touched on a number of different topics. Take a look at Vic Mensa's interview with Montreality below. 


Photo: Getty Images


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